Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eco-Design & Scarcity - The Big Picture

Eco-design is essentially a strategy for issues revolving scarcity.  As resources become more expensive to extract, process, manufacture, consume and dispose of; there lies opportunity in the overall stewardship.  While our lifestyles, even in their very basic form, require resources; eco-design is a mitigation strategy.

There are many factors associated with the design typically considered by designers and engineers.  Business, innovation, governance, environmental impact and economics are all key issues. There are some examples below.

The Business Case

Driving Innovation

New UNEP Report: Resource consumption levels far from sustainable

Resource Use and Environmental Impact from Economic Growth

Sustainable Product Design Presentation - YouTube

Eco-Furniture Examples:

Hundred Mile Design

Eco-Design Chair - YouTube

Sustainable Cardboard Chair and Desk - Folding Cardboard chair design - RISD4 - YouTube

Ecochair - Foldable Cardboard Furniture - YouTube

The Journal of Industrial Ecology

For related resources, Design for Disassembly, Eco-Design, Environment and AD Technology guidelines related to this can be downloaded for free at:

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